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Old Railway Station, Rua Almirante Candido Dos Reis

The Old Railway Station
Being a large university city, Aveiro has a large modern train station, but I am fascinated by the old railway station next door. The building is ornately covered with panels of blue Portuguese azulejos (tiles). The panels depict the local traditions such as fishing, farming, sea weed gathering in moliceiros (boats), salt pans, and homes in the Aveiro area.

The tiles decorate the facade and the walls inside the depot.

I wandered the outside and inside of this old building and studied the intricate panels that reveal Aveiro's history.

The station is located at the opposite end of the city from the main canal. ( Across from the station, there is a lovely Art Nouveau building that has a pastry shop on the lower level. The shop specializes in the city's famous sweet - Ovos Moles).

Try to get to the station. Its beauty is impressive. ( Many visitors to Aveiro miss the old station unless they arrive by train).

3800-187 Aveiro, Portugal