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Old Quebec

"Avec ma blonde"
While walking within the walls of Old Québec a few years ago, (my fourth visit, but the first for my wife), this blond-maned horse caught my eye.

Incidentally, in Québec French, "blonde" is more than just a hair color. It's often used to mean "girlfriend," or "honey."

This city on a cliff is always packed in the summers: Québec is a season-long festival during the all-too-brief warm months. This particular year was especially festive—the 400th anniversary of its 1608 founding—a memorable year to be there.

Unlikely Art: Riding on the Wall
Along with the kitsch there's plenty of whimsy down in the streets below the Citadel's cliffs in Old Québec. I'd been to Québec City several times while a student, but my wife had never been. After eleven years away, I returned, introducing her to one of my favorite places. Unlikely art along the St. Lawrence: Even in North America's oldest urban neighborhood, there's always something new. Vive les bicyclettes!

Old Quebec, Quebec City, QC, Canada