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Old City of Dubrovnik

All in a Day's Work
In just a few hours Dubrovnik, Croatia, became one of my favorite places on the planet.

The Old City invites exploration. As you enter the gates, the shiny polished marble pedestrian street invites you to wander through an ancient pharmacy, churches, museums, sidewalk cafes and bakeries. Street vendors offers very packable souvenirs of colorful hand-embroidered item, from bookmarks to table cloths.

The view from the top of the old city wall is worth the hike. Climb to the very top of the city and look down on the tile rooftops and out beyond to the Adriatic Sea.

But, as often is the case, it is the local people of an area that capture my attention. This man was hard at work with his daily task of tending nets, extricating unwanted shells and debris to keep the tools of his trade in tidy shape.

Stop by the water side cafe and soak in not only a cool beverage, but also the sights and sounds of a busy ancient and modern harbor town. I had just a few coins left of the local currency --- just enough to indulge in an ice cream treat before exiting the city gates. Go for it!