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Old City

Jaipur's fruit and vegetable market
There are so many wonderful sites to see in Jaipur, but one not to be missed is the fruit and vegetable market in the old city. Brimming with vendors selling everything from mangoes to cucumbers to tomatoes and pineapples. It's a scene to just watch the shoppers shopping and sellers selling. Colorful and fragrant.
Dukandar in Jaipur's Old City
Among the chaotic streets of Jaipur's old city, you can always find dukandars (shop keepers) enjoying moments of serenity.
Dukandar in Jaipur's Old City Jaipur  India

Horn Please
The view I will never forget (more like the SOUND I'll never forget!). Most trucks and large vehicles are adorned in vibrant paint and any variation on the phrase "horn please", and do they mean it! The number of unique horn sounds took my breath (and hearing) away!
Horn Please Jaipur  India