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A taste of Hiroshima in Tokyo (Okonomiyaki)
My traveling companion is a huge fan of Okonomiyaki, and insisted that we find a place that serves this dish that hails from Hiroshima in Tokyo.

We found it in the Shibuya area, in a place called Okonomiman. Okonomiman is located in a small red shophouse, with a small seating area of around 10 people. The chef makes the Okonomiyaki from scratch, which is a Japanese savory pancake that is made up of a variety of layers consisting of cabbage, batter, pork and the delicious Okonomiyaki sauce. We also chose to have shrimp on our okonomiyaki.

To top off the meal, we had some beeru (beer in Japanese) and my traveling companion left satisfied with his Okonomiyaki experience. Not to be missed if you would like a Japanese dish other than the usual sushi, ramen, udon and katsu-don experiences.

Location: Okonomiman is located at Shibuya 17-1.
〒150-0047 1F, 17-1 神山町 渋谷区 東京都 150-0047, Japan
+81 3-5738-8280
Sun 11:30am - 10:30pm
Mon - Sat 11:30am - 1am