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Ojiragawa River and Kaikomagatake Shrine

8884-1 Hakushūchō Shirasu, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-0315, Japan
+81 55-253-3620

Slow Down at Kaikomagatake Shrine and Ojiragawa River

Roughly three hours by car from Tokyo, on our way to Hakushu Distillery, we took a short break at Kaikomagatake shrine, on the banks of the Ojiragawa river. The day was starting to wane, it was raining softly, and fog hung heavy in the tall trees above us, making our walk to the shrine and down to the river feel otherwordly. The shrine is dedicated to mountain worship. It is surrounded by a cemetery, with moss covered markers and figures. Very few people moved about in the drizzle, so we had solemn and beautiful Kaikomagatake almost entirely to ourselves.

Make sure you walk across the picturesque steel and wooden hanging bridge nearby, to get to the trailhead of the Ojiragawa River and Mount Hinatayama Hike, promising stunning waterfalls and valley views along the way. On this side of the bridge, you can easily make your way down to the crystal clear water and take in nature for a while.

My warmest thank you – domo arigato gozai masu – to the @SuntoryGlobal team, who went above and beyond, introducing me to Japan's food and drink culture. I'm forever in your debt. #SuntoryTime #SuntoryTimeTour