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O'Higgins Base

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O'Higgins Antarctic Base   Antarctica

O'Higgins Antarctic Base

Approaching the Chilean Army Base O’Higgins Station in Antarctica, I couldn’t help but marvel at its isolation. Hard to reach even by Antarctic terms, O’Higgins is home to around 40 people in the summer and a scant 16 during the harsh winter months. It’s also one of the oldest stations; it’s been in continuous operation since 1948. Operated by the Chilean Army, O’Higgins conducts important Antarctic research throughout the year but on the day we visited all work was forgotten in lieu of greeting all too rare visitors. Life is oddly ordinary on the base, as long as you don’t consider the fact that during the Austral winter no one is allowed to even leave the building. A lifestyle only for the most intrepid, my visit to O’Higgins Station was one of the mot eye-opening of my exploration of Antarctica.