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Ocean Pathway

Ocean Pathway, Neptune Township, NJ 07756, USA

Victorian Gingerbread Houses

Along the Jersey Shore, you will find the tiny community of Ocean Grove which is a Victorian National Historic Landmark. Many of the well kept homes are Victorian in style with wrap-around porches and gingerbread wooden details adorning their facades.

Founded in 1869, Ocean Grove was part of the camp meeting movement in the United States that was started by the Methodists. Part of Ocean Grove is still owned by the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.

At Ocean Pathway, the focal point is the Great Auditorium. It is surrounded by the remaining 100 or so tents and on each side of the street leading up to the Auditorium you see some of Ocean Groves's Victorian homes . Just now, the houses are all decorated for Summer with flower boxes and summer lawns. Throughout the community, you'll see many of theses beautiful homes, hotels, and inns.

The beach is really nice - long, clean, and family oriented. There are several restaurants, and lots of shopping. Historic sites are very interesting, too.

Ocean Grove offers many events throughout the year and summer has concerts and performances in the Great Auditorium.

Travel to Ocean Grove and stay for a week, a month or…..how about a day trip from New York City, New Yorkers? It's an easy trip by car or by train.

Info: www.oceangrove.org;