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Oasis De Chebika

| +216 27 227 666
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may the force be with you As Sabikah  Tunisia

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Sun - Sat 6am - 8pm

may the force be with you

Outside of Tozuer Tunisia in the middle of miles of dunes lies the now deserted but perfectly preserved set for one of the earliest Star Wars movies. While mostly just facade, the desert's lack of humidity has kept this place a virtual museum instead of creating a ruin. Our four wheel drive jeeps came over a large dune and we could see it from above. Moments later there was a lot of commotion and locals came on motorcycles and camels to offer us their handmade goods. They followed us down to the site (we became our own caravan!) and relaxed while we explored; a few chatted with us (our stilted French and their stilted English) and soon we were off - in search of a cold drink at the Chebika Oasis (not too far from here) and a view of the Mides Gorge. Stay in Tozuer, many options for activities including local markets, date palm plantations and camel riding - as well as ONE golf course (for those who can't give it up- LOL)