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Nimes the Town in The South of France

Nimes – the city of an impressive arena, outstanding Maison Carree, my beloved garden and bullfighting!
The Roman Arena of Nîmes is very important as it is the best preserved of the Roman amphitheaters in Roman Provence. Built in the 1st Century, the amphitheatre is 133m long, 101m wide and 21m high. It still holds 21,000 spectators for bull fights, dance festivals and rock concerts. You can discover its architecture here. It does look impressive, doesn’t it?

The Maison Carrée is an outstanding monument in the centre of Nîmes. It was built in 16 BC and it is of the best preserved temples anywhere in Rome’s former empire of Roman Provence,

Tour Magne (in my beloved garden) is a Roman tower on the hilltop northwest of the centre of Nîmes. I loved this place as it’s located on the hill and it is an ideal place for a picnic, nap and offers an amazing view of Nimes.

There is a passion for bullfighting in Nîmes and opinions on bullfights and matadors are expressed in bullfighting clubs and cafés. Bullfights were held in Nîmes in 1811 to mark the birth of the King of Rome and in 1863 the first bullfight was held in the Roman amphitheatre. The enthusiasm for bulls in Nîmes also has roots in Camargue traditions: Camargue bullfights (courses), encierros and abrivados are all festivals organized nowadays. You can book your ticket for bullfighting event at the Nimes Arena website I will give it a miss actually as it is not my cup of tea (as i would say it in England..) but maybe you are interested…