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Nikoro Bar

Exotic Jungle drinks in Iquitos
The Peruvian Amazon offers an interesting line-up of liquors, many of them said to be potent aphrodisiacs. These liquors often contain high levels of honey and pollen, along with various barks and roots from exotic plants found amid this region's vast biodiversity: e.g. cat's claw, wampo, chuchuwasy, and nail huasca. These are usually combined with the juice of local fruits like peach, starfruit, and sugar cane liquor. The result? Well, actually there can be different results from drinking these sweet and powerful beverages, but one thing is for sure: none of them is boring! If you are in Iquitos, the biggest city in the Peruvian jungle region, go to the famous Nikoro Bar, which is enjoyed equally by locals and foreigners. It's a floating bar with amazing views and a great selection of the local drinks.
Pevas, Iquitos, Peru
Mon - Fri 5pm - 3am