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Nha Trang Beach

Vietnamese basket boat
Unique boat made in bamboo basket to float on the sea? Would you dare sail the coast in it?
Vietnamese do!

The only control they have is a paddle.

Where the Beaches Are Best: Coastal Vietnam
After touring the frenetic Hanoi and crusing for three days in damp Halong Bay, was craving sunshine and relaxation. I booked a cheap ticket on Vietnam Airlines to Nha Trang and sat on the beach for three days. From my lounge chair, I sampled fresh grilled shrimp from the beach vendors and drank Tiger beer. Sometimes, I went out for a bahn mi sandwich, sold streetside.

Children Always Bring Joy
Vietnamese kids are so sweet, fun and curious. I enjoyed the company of this group of boys.

Our island tour of Nah Trang was unsuccessful due to inclement weather. Nonetheless, our tour guides brought of the booze and music. So much fun!

Nha Trang, the Vietnamese Riviera
I took a bus from Ho Chi Mhin city to the jewel of the Vietnamese riviera, Nha Trang. The road was extremely bumpy, there apparently being no money in Vietnam for road renovation and improvement. My main concern was toilets as there wasn’t one on the bus, but they stopped three times, once for forty minutes when they turned off the engine and we all nearly suffocated because there was no longer any air-conditioning. All in all it was pretty ok as a journey, I’ve experienced much worse (including my ‘first-class’ train journey from Bangkok to Surat Thani) and I was happy to arrive at Nha Trang, a sea-side resort about five hundred miles from Saigon on the beautiful Pacific and my hotel was right on the beach front, the huge curve of the bay reminding me very much of the Croissette in Cannes, happily minus all the posers and exclusive beaches.

Nha Trang Beach

You don't need to leave the city if you are in the mood to catch some sun in Nha Trang. A long, palm-lined stretch of soft white sand lapped by turquoise waters runs along the east side of town. All you need to bring is a bathing suit and sunscreen; everything else, including pillows, towels, beach chairs and umbrellas, can be rented. Small restaurants along the beach serve inexpensive food and icy cold beers. If you need to retreat to some air-conditioning, a number of resorts along the beach have blissfully cool restaurants.

7 Trần Quang Khải, Lộc Thọ, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000, Vietnam
+84 258 3528 686