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Ngare Ndare Forest

Camping in the Ngare Ndare Forest
This weekend we decided to get out of Nairobi and roped in a couple of our mates to drive north on Saturday morning to the Ngare Ndare Forest: nearly 14,000 acres of dense leafy forest between Mount Kenya, to the south, and Borana and Lewa conservancies to the north. The big draw? We were going to camp on a tree platform high up between the branches.

It's a seriously cool spot to spend the night. Suspended about 7 metres in the air and leading to a tree canopy walk: a rickety wire bridge leading several hundred metres through the trees. We set up our tents and then the camp fire at ground level in a little nook under a huge tree. I put some candles in glass jars in crevices in the tree and hung others from branches. Very midsummer-nights-dreamy.

After dinner we took to the canopy walk and edged our way along in the darkness, the shrieks and howls of the forest all around. After a short while, the tree cover gave way and the whole universe of starry sky lay ahead. We lay on the wire bridge, suspended in mid-air, and gazed at the sky in awe.
Unnamed Road, Kenya