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New York in Photos

Can I Make a Deposit?
I didn't have change for the meter, but then I looked up and saw the bank.

Problem solved! But then I realized it was closing in 30 seconds.

I had a decision to make...

Do I take a shortcut to the teller and get the change...or do I waste money in a parking garage?

Although the NYPD and my attorney tell me I made a poor decision, I like to think that going for the gusto is always the right approach.

My cellmate agrees and he's a pretty sensible fellow too.
the same
It's such a simple photo. And I probably shouldn't have taken it. It is slightly voyeuristic. After all I was seated less than 2 feet from this woman on a quiet flight. She was certain to hear the unmistakable 'click, click' of the lens. Still, as I watched her, I held the camera ready in my lap - do I?, don't I?

And then I did. I couldn't help myself. I pulled the camera up and quickly focused on her eyes. 'Click-click'.

As we were flying over upper New York State and then descending lower and lower over New York City, this woman was so focused on everything below. As if she were seeing it all for the first time. She pointed to things below, pulling her husband over to see what she was seeing, talking softly in a language I could not understand. She had to have been seeing it all for the first time, and I think that's why I was so moved by her. Her reaction to the USA was my reaction to Germany three weeks prior. As we descended upon Munich, I pointed to things below, pulled my husband over to see what I was seeing, talked softly in a language most seated around us could not understand. Butterflies in my belly. I'm pretty sure she had them too.

That feeling right there is why I travel. I suppose it's why so many others do too. The anticipation of seeing things so completely foreign, and strikingly similar, to your own way of life. Knowing that new ideas will be spawned, old opinions will be squashed, and perspective will be gained.
the same New York New York United States

Grilled Salmon
Price fixed lunch menu in Manhattan at $15, comes with soup or salad and dessert. Unbelievable!
Grilled Salmon New York New York United States

the subway
the vein that keeps the city alive
the subway  New York New York United States

Gantry Plaza State Park
Awesome view of Manhattan.
Gantry Plaza State Park New York New York United States

night lights
There's something glorious about walking through NYC at night, breathing in all of the lights, reflections, and colors.
night lights New York New York United States

golden street lights & a silver moon
stopped me in my tracks while walking home
golden street lights & a silver moon New York New York United States

Are We There Yet? NYC
While walking through Hoboken last April, Paul caught a photo of this cruise ship, voyaging from Point A to Point "somewhere warmer than Hoboken". Something tells us they weren't headed for Carlo's bakery.
Are We There Yet?  NYC New York New York United States

Are We There Yet? NYC Subways
Nothing elicits a string of profanity from New Yorkers like the sight of a planned service change sign. Weekends are a popular time for construction to be done on NYC subway lines and even seasoned residents have a tough time figuring out how to get around as trains skip stops, run on different tracks or don't run at all. No, you're probably not there yet.
Are We There Yet? NYC Subways New York New York United States

On Top Of The World - Water From Above
Nothing beats the thrill (or the view) of sneaking up to the roof of a high-rise and getting a truly unique view of the New York City. No roof top in New York is complete without one of these wooden water towers!
On Top Of The World - Water From Above New York New York United States

On Top Of The World - Manhattan Flyby
Even though the final approach to LaGaurdia Airport is a bittersweet moment because it signals the end of a fantastic trip I alway look forward to getting a birds eye view of the city as I fly over.
On Top Of The World - Manhattan Flyby New York New York United States

Subway Art in the 9th Avenue Subway at 14th Street
The 14th street subway platform on the 9th Avenue line (A/C/E trains) has several pieces of art on permanent display. Another great subway platform is at 79-81 Street on the west side of Manhattan, below the American Museum of Natural History, and there are beautiful mosaics on the wall. Definitely worth a look!
Subway Art in the 9th Avenue Subway at 14th Street New York New York United States

Every August NYC closes down Park Ave on a few Saturdays from 7am until 1pm to car traffic for only biking blading running walking. I LOVE NYC !
NYC SUMMER CITY STREETS New York New York United States

Taking off in the Jag
It didn't take long to get comfortable in the Jaguar. With anxious, eager fingers, my travel companion opened the golden ticket revealing our destination: Boston. We ruminated over how long it had been since we'd driven North East. Thank goodness for smart phones and social media! The only rule was getting to Boston by midnight; the rest was our adventure for the taking. As we hit the road, I immediately found people noticing us and our car. How thrilling!
Taking off in the Jag New York New York United States

Taking my mum out of Europe!
This year my family celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday by taking her outside of Europe for only the second time in her life for a 5 day whirlwind trip around Manhattan. To give a little insight into my mother’s personality the other time she has been outside of Europe was when she gathered us all up for a once in a lifetime trip to Florida, back in 1989. The holiday was funded by the pay-out she received after being hit by a car. She always knows how to turn a negative into a positive and usually that positive is shared amongst her family. I say once in a lifetime because she didn’t really expect to ever travel long-haul again so the trip to NY was a big surprise for her. The surprised expression on her birthday didn’t leave her face until we landed at JFK and over the following 5 days it slowly changed to pure joy. We didn’t have an extravagant hotel or spend many dollars on notorious NY shopping sprees we did however see all of the tourist sights, ate hotdogs, went to see a show on Broadway, got caught in the crowds at Time Square and managed to make a few tears appear when our lovely mum saw the Statute of Liberty. I travel a lot and sometimes I forget the simple wonder of falling in love with a new place and experiencing new things. Taking my mum to New York was the highlight of a bumper year of travel for me and something my family will treasure. Oh and she seems to have developed her own wanderlust – Boston 2013 is already in the travel pipeline!
Taking my mum out of Europe! New York New York United States

The City
View of the city from Midtown high rise apartment
The City New York New York United States

Gotham City
I watched the storm roll in and paint the city amazing colors. This gave a whole new meaning to "magic hour" for photographers.
Gotham City New York New York United States

New York: Summer ends here
The last photo captured on camera before hopping inside the subway onto my next travel adventure.

Reaching for my pocket, I found my Metrocard, Metro-North card, and unused Broadway ticket to Motown. I looked down and saw my well-worn (almost worn-out!) and still comfy espadrille. A reminder that I traveled afar and in style.

Surely you will be missed. Thank you for the sights and sounds. My summer of 2013 ended in the Big Apple.

Sayonara, New York...
New York: Summer ends here New York New York United States

Blockchain: Ultimate Solution for the Survival of VR-Technologies
Today, VR is almost always associated with the purchase of VR glasses or headsets, most of the time for gaming and entertainment purposes. This is quite unfortunate, since VR is a technology that has so much more to offer. This article explains how MARK.SPACE – a VR ecosystem for social and business interaction has managed to complement VR by powering it with a Blockchain.

As mentioned in the introduction, VR technologies can offer people much more than just their usual games and gadgets. Imagine a world where relatives, separated by thousands of miles, can still celebrate New Year’s eve together. Imagine a world, where paralyzed patients can swim with whales in the ocean while lying in their hospital bed. Imagine a world, where an old couple from a small Chinese village is able to visit Barcelona’s “Sagrada Familia” or Milan’s “La Scala”, without ever leaving their living room. Or one, where designers and artists have the technology to literally walk through their own sketches…

These are the opportunities where we soon will be able to apply virtual reality – and there’s much, much more to it. Based on IDC predictions, AR and VR revenue will jump from 11.4 billion USD in 2017, to 215 billion USD in 2021. In the not so distant future, we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in any world we can think of. A world so fantastically real that the only thing separating us from reality will be our own imagination. To achieve these amazing possibilities, however, these processes have to be monetized in one way or another and be of either commercial or practical benefit for the user. To put it simple: if people invest in an expensive VR-headset, they want it to have a practical purpose. If people use VR-technology, the only way it can continue to be a needed tool is if it opens up real-life application opportunities, or simply is able to somehow improve the quality of people’s lives.

See more here: http://newsdailyarticles.com/business/blockchain-ultimate-solution-survival-vr-technologies/
Blockchain: Ultimate Solution for the Survival of VR-Technologies New York New York United StatesBlockchain: Ultimate Solution for the Survival of VR-Technologies New York New York United States

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