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Make It Right Foundation, New Orleans

912 Magzine st, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA
| +1 504-620-3200

Make It Right–Rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina

Katrina, one of the deadliest hurricanes in US history, hit New Orleans hard in 2005. One of the areas most affected was the Lower 9th Ward, were buildings weren't just flooded, but smashed up by violent currents, and in many cases pulled from their foundations entirely.

Brad Pitt visited the Lower 9th Ward after Katrina and was shocked at the slow rebuilding process. In response he founded 'Make It Right' in 2007, an organization that builds homes, buildings, and communities for people in need, while meeting the highest standards of green architecture. To date, Make It Right has built over 100 homes in the area.

When traveling, it's important for me to get a real sense of place, away from the groomed tourist attractions. Sadly, Katrina has become synonymous with New Orleans, and part of the city's history. Driving around the 9th Ward in a massive thunderstorm (how appropriate!), was inspiration and proof, that it is possible to rebuild a community with green, affordable, interesting homes.

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