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Necropolis of Tarquinia

Via Ripagretta, 01016 Tarquinia VT, Italy
| +39 338 861 8856

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Tue - Sun 8:30am - 7:30pm

Exploring the Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia

The Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia are one of the few traces of Etruscan civilization left to us. The necropolis, Unesco World Heritage site since 2004, includes about six thousand tombs built between the seventh and third centuries BC and distributed over a vast territory, gathered in groups separated by roads, with main streets from which side streets branch off: an example of the urban development of the first Italian cities in pre-Roman times.

Some of the tombs (those of the richest and most powerful families) are decorated with frescoes, and although they represent only a 3%, it is nonetheless a very high number, almost two hundred.

These paintings describe us everyday life, with dances, banquets, sports, hunting, fishing ...
Among the best known are the Leopards' tomb with the scenes of a banquet with musicians (in the photo) and the Hunting and Fishing tomb.