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On the Moon, in Navarre
Imagine 100,000 acres of dry, clay desert landscape. Whoever said that Europe doesn’t have the great outdoors has never been to Las Bárdenas Reales Desert. Likened to Nevada or a Utah landscape, wind and water is acting architect, forming miraculous sculpted shapes, canyons, plateaus, tabular structures, and seamounts. You can drive, but exploring by foot, bicycle, or horseback is great for an afternoon ending just before sunset when the colors are magnificent. Meet a guide there and he’ll tell you the legends of the land, like the highwayman Sanchicorrota, who would fool his trackers by putting his horseshoes on backwards. Maybe Sanchicorrota also misled visitors: this land is happily still untouristed.

San Sebastian
Beautiful and perhaps the best food in the world.

Navarre, Spain