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National Theatre D. Maria II

The National Theatre, Lisbon
The national theater of Lisbon is located in the Rossio Square. It opened in the square in the 1840's. The theater is the backdrop to the wavy mosaic sidewalks of the square.

The Rossio has been one of Lisbon's main squares since the middle ages.There were executions and celebrations held there. Today, locals and tourists gather at the Rossio for relaxation, dining, people-watching, and theater.

It has shows from Autumn through Spring. Guided visits backstage can be arranged for Mondays at 11:30. There is a museum where you see the collections of costumes, props, posters, programs, and old photos. This is a real adventure and walk back in time.

Take in the library and the bookstore and then have lunch at the restaurant.

Beautiful venue.

Info: www.teatro.dmaria.pt

Praça Dom Pedro IV, 1100-201 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 21 325 0800