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National Hangeul Museum

Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Getting the Hang(eul) of It

The Korean alphabet, known as hangeul, is the only alphabet in the world where the letters were created to resemble the shape the mouth makes as you voice them.

Created by King Sejong in the mid 15th century as a way to educate the illiterate, the language is now as beloved in the ROK as the saccharine strains of K-Pop floating through the kimchi-scented air.

With the recent opening of the National Hangeul Museum in Seoul, logophiles can nerd-out over hangeul history, art and even a hangeul inspired playground for adults.

139, Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, +82-2-1330