National Archaeological Museum
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National Archaeological Museum
There are dozens of archaeological museums in Greece, but this is easily the biggest and best. Over 11,000 exhibits—including golden death masks, larger-than-life bronze gods and black-and-terracotta pottery—provide a panorama of Greek civilization from prehistory to late antiquity. Standouts are the Antikythera Mechanism, the world’s first analog computer, which lay under the sea for 2000 years, and enchanting wall paintings of boxers and blue monkeys from Santorini, buried under volcanic ash around 1600 B.C.E.
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Athens Tips Part 19 - Archaeological Museum
The archaeology museum is probably one of the most overlooked attractions in Athens. This is mostly in part to its location far from the centre and surrounded by unattractive neighbourhoods. If you're traveling to Athens because you're interested in the ancient sites, this is a must see place. This museum contains important finds from all over the country. Often you'll find yourself on sites all over Greece, and they'll have signs saying that certain items discovered there are located at this the Archaeological Museum in Athens.

The pieces in this museum are beautifully displayed, however the explanations are often hard to understand. Many of the signs describing the items can be overly brief and in archaeologists speak. The maps provided also are a little vague, and many of the popular pieces can be hard to find. This museum is also extremely large, in one day you'd be hard pressed to see everything unless you buzzed through.

The best plan is to visit this museum at the end of your Greek adventure if you can. By that point you will have seen several sites and you'll have a better idea of what you might be interested in seeing at this massive museum.
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National Archaeological Museum
The National Archaeological Museum of Athens houses treasures from Greece dating back as far as Prehistoric ages. You'll want to schedule lots of time here -- the museum is enormous!

Some artefacts to look out for: The Mask of Agamemnon, the mummy in the Egyptian section, and the Antikythera Device (the world's oldest computer).

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