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Bahamas Vacations

A Relaxing Vacation
I spent a very relaxing week in Nassau, Bahamas. Our condo was situated at the northeast end of the island, which was great for walking to many restaurants and shopping. It's also a short little jaunt over to Paradise Island where there are two main attractions. First, Atlantis, a Vegas style casino and resort that will not disappoint. They have beautiful gardens and pools, fantastic restaurants (and Starbucks), a spa and a wonderful concierge who gave us many good insider tips. Paradise Island is also the home of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. A beautiful, simple, quiet place to do yoga, relax, walk in nature, eat healthy food and meet lovely people. Another great place is the Canadian owned Goodfellow Farms on the west side of the island. A wonderful venue for lunch, and a great little country store. If you are a Bob Marley fan, the Marley resort is a pretty cool place to stop and have a look around. Be sure to walk the shore and eat the local conch delicacies.
Ship spotting
JAN 2013. Travelled to Nassau to meet cargo ship MV BBC Asia. She was late, so spent 3 days sampling rum and watching cruise ships come and go.
Ship spotting New Providence  The Bahamas

Nassau Vacation
Nassau is the commercial center of Commonwealth of Bahamas located on the Island of New Providence. It has historical places and beautiful views.
Nassau Vacation New Providence  The Bahamas

No, Not Photoshop
I captured this photo on my flight to the Bahamas and I was awed by its beauty. The islands look so unreal, almost photoshopped. But this pictures shows the true beauty of nature at its best.
No, Not Photoshop New Providence  The Bahamas

Bahama Mama
While I was island hopping in the Bahamas, I decided to stop at the capital to pick me up a Bahamas Mama--a gorgeous hand crafted wood carving you can buy if you find yourself down wood carving alley.

There are a few things you can enjoy here; two major tourist attractions are Atlantis and shopping Downtown.
Bahama Mama New Providence  The Bahamas

The Queen's Saircase
Devastatingly beautiful with a meaningful history. Make time to take photographs and take in the scenery.
The Queen's Saircase New Providence  The Bahamas

One Casino Drive Suite #59, Paradise Island, The Bahamas
+1 242-363-3000