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11100 Narbonne, France

View from the historic Roman watchtower

For Christmas 2012, I was lucky enough to stay in a countryside residence in Narbonne, France. While I was there, I decided to go for a hike through the countryside on my day off. After 4 hours of beautiful views and old vineyards, I came across this broken stone wall which (after looking closely) hid away a stone tower in the centre. Walking through the piles of cactus' and shrubs I made it to the tower where I found an old plaque hidden behind some bush. It read: (not in the exact words as it wasn't in English) That this watchtower was erected to defend the border during the Roman times. (Narbonne being really close to the border of Spain) I was shocked, how I had just walked upon some history! I then climbed to the top, and soaked up the scenery! Wandering is never a bad thing!