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Nanshi Food Street

Nanshi Food Street, Heping, Tianjin, China, 300100

40,000 Square Feet of Food Adventures

Wander into the mall-like Nanshi Food Street complex, and you'll be surrounded by restaurants and stalls packed with inexpensive food choices. While there are plenty of sit-down options, where you can sample cuisines from all over China, you can also fill your belly to bursting with any Tianjin-style snacks on sale from most of the vendors. Ma hua (麻花) is one of the most common local specialties: a dough twist fried in peanut oil; plain ones are the staple, here, but you'll also find filled, sesame-coated (pictured), and flavored varieties.

In addition to prepared food, you'll also find lots of stalls with culinary souvenirs—dried foods, packaged goods, savory snacks, and candies, for example. If you're traveling to meet up with colleagues or friends in other parts of China, don't forget to pick up a few treats to share.