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Nanjing Road

The over-populated and easily over-looked Nanjing Lu
The winding corridors and seemingly vacant alleyway's of Shanghai, China is where you immerse yourself in a rapidly changing culture. Ranging from visual awe-inspiring views that will change your perspective of a world, and maybe even your own, to mouth watering adventures that could lead your rules of "do's" and "dont's" astray. Despite everything anyone might tell you, try anything you can stomach off the streets of Shanghai. The street food is inexpensive, locals will remember your face and order, and you will truly feel as if you are "one" with a culture. Pictured here is a safe route for tasting, cherries nestled on over-sized leaves; but there is more adventure to be had just around the corner.

Tip: Head out at night for an even better selection!
Unlimited Shopping
Shanghai is an unbelievable city. It just feels so huge. And it is a shopper's paradise like no other. Nanjing Road is only one of the places where you can shop till you drop, and even that is several miles long.
Unlimited Shopping Shanghai  China

Nanjing Lu
Nanjing Lu is the main pedestrian street in the shopping district of Shanghai. My husband and I weaved among the shoppers one evening, blinded by the ever-present neon. Music blared from shopfronts, lights blinked, citizens of Shanghai hustled down the street carrying bags full of clothing and electronics.

Shanghai was like a caricature of a city from "The Future"- towering buildings scraped the sky in various innovative designs. I normally love old architecture, but the modern composition of Shanghai's skyline wowed me.

While visiting Nanjing Lu, I tried to absorb the atmosphere- the bright lights, the hustle and bustle, the din of the heaving crowd. Even if you're not interested in shopping, Nanjing Lu is still a destination not to be missed!
Nanjing Lu Shanghai  China

Shanghai's three legged chickens
Shanghai has plenty of transit options before considering taking a taxi. Sure, locals take taxi's too, but why take a cab ride when you could easily navigate the city in a fun and local way.

Enter the three legged chickens, or as they're more commonly known, tuk tuks. It is true that the tuk tuks are usually more beneficial if you're going a shorter distance (for example, from the metro stop to your hotel; by-passing a potential 10-15 minute walk), but they're much cheaper than taking a taxi for that short distance and the drivers are often friendly and accommodating.

Make sure to establish your price BEFORE hopping into the tuk tuk. You should be paying about 6-8 yuan for a 5km ride and you can fit about 2-3 people inside.

Tip: During our stay, we realized that tuk tuks seem to flee when police offers are around. We question the legality of them, but have never had any issues what so ever.
Shanghai's three legged chickens  Shanghai  China

Nanjing Road
Whatever your tastes, we bet you won’t head home empty-handed from Nanjing Road, one of the world’s busiest shopping promenades. Stores along the tree-lined, pedestrian-only section stock everything from state-of-the-art electronics to silk scarves at a fraction of Western prices. But it’s also worth detouring into the side streets, where you may stumble upon market stalls of fresh fish and produce, teahouses doling out dumplings and hot cups of oolong, and cats lazing in slices of sunlight.

Photo by Vikkies//Flicker.
Nanjing Road  Shanghai  China

Nanjing Rd Pedestrian St, NanJing Lu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
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