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Romantic? or an eyesore? What's your take on "love padlocks?"
Over the last decade or so, these "love padlocks" have been appearing at various sites around the world: Italy, Paris, the Brooklyn Bridge, Tokyo, and in this photo, on a mountaintop in the middle of Seoul (the park around N-Tower on Namsan).

With combinations and keys, English, Thai, or Korean--people declare their love and then 'lock it' in public space, usually somewhere with a view...

I'm curious, what do you think--is this pop-culture phenomenon here to stay? Is it cute, kitschy, or just another form of graffiti? The city of Seoul has actually taken the step of 'harvesting' some of the older locks and turning them into 'love tree' sculptures--public art out of public sentiment...

(Incidentally, the view from Namsan--of Seoul, the Han River and the endless mountains--is outstanding. You can hike up or take a cable-car gondola.)