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Visiting a Himba village in Namibia
We were on safari in Namibia and South Africa in May and my husband and I had the opportunity to visit a Himba village. The villagers were warm and welcoming and loved looking at their pictures we took on our digital camera!

Drive yourself...Crazy?
The British Automobile Association reports that taxi services in 16 out of 22 World Cities are ‘unacceptable’. That’s no surprise to me, having been in a taxi crashed by a lunatic driver in Prague and having had some very scary close scrapes in Argentina, Brazil and Namibia,where I was driven at 90 MPH by an 80 year old lady in a battered Mercedes.

I also steer clear of buses when abroad wherever possible - not for the abundance of local wildlife on board but for the often crazy driving styles employed by drivers on a 20 hour shift fuelled by caffeine or other local ‘stimulants’.

For me, self driving is the only way to go- I trust myself much more than local drivers who often seem to rely on a religious icon and good karma when rounding a bend on the wrong side of the road.

I’ve driven in around 70 countries, and had some great adventures- the fact that you’re often lost when driving yourself abroad is a great way to meet the locals, and a good excuse to use the art of mime ! (Ever tried miming a railway crossing to a Romanian traffic cop?)

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Namibia Breathes Beauty
Rugged, wild, pristine, soulful, vast are a few words to describe the “home” we all came from – Namibia. Here you will find deep rooted tribal cultures, desert-adapted wildlife, vast conservation areas, soulful landscapes, and the world’s tallest sand dunes in the oldest desert on earth. Namibia breathes beauty.
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