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Museo de la Laca

Lacquer Art in Chiapas
The town of Chiapa de Corzo is famous for the Parachicos Festival, the embarcation point for the magnificent Sumidero Canyon boat tours, and for the lacquer work of various artists.

Facing the plaza is a school that teaches traditional art; making and playing marimbas, pottery, and lacquer painting. Dona Marta, a 70+ woman revived lacquer painting a couple of decades ago, she still teaches at the school, and now the town is filled award winning artists.

I went to the home of Graciela, one of those artists to watch her work. She makes her own brushes from two hairs of a cat's tail. She makes her own paint from caliche that she mines in the hills nearby. The varnish part of the paint is car wax! Commercial pigments provide the color. Her husband makes the wooden boxes and prepares the gourds and other objects she paints. Their little business employs two other people and they sell her art all over Mexico.

See the blog (linked below) for more photos and details of the lacquer process.
Calle Mexicanidad de Chiapas s/n, Barrio San Miguel, San Jacinto, 29160 Chiapa de Corzo, Chis., Mexico
Tue - Sun 10am - 4:45pm
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