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Murchison Falls National Park

Capturing a surprise moment
My favorite part of experiencing Murchison Falls National Park is the boat ride up the Nile from the dock near Paraa Lodge to the Falls. Along with a variety of birds, views of elephants, wildebeest, antelope and other animals along the shore, hippos are everywhere in abundance. Capturing a shot of a hippo jumping out of the water in protest to our boat coming near was one of those rare photos ops - having the camera pointed in the right direction as the hippo jumped up, then splashed down and disappeared beneath the water.

Up close and personal
The baboons at Paraa Lodge in the Murchison Park aren't bothered by the presence of humans. While waiting for the ferry across the Nile they were lingering around hoping to get fed by a sympathetic visitor. They come right up next to you and just sit there waiting for a handout. However, don't do it! Feeding one would result in getting mobbed. Enjoy watching them up close and personal, but avoid the temptation to slip them some of your trail mix.

Another surprise moment
I also was able to capture a hippo rising out of the water as we were boating away from him. They seemed to get perturbed by the waves of the boat and would come up as we boated in the other direction.

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