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Mt Yasur

Watching an Active Volcano
On this Tanna overnight volcano tour, you truly get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is one of the most accessible, active volcanoes you may find in the world.

It starts off with a one hour plane ride from Port Vila and a one and a half hour 4WD ride to the volcano. Passing by the locals, the children will wave and welcome you, there were even a number of UNICEF camps set up.
Arriving at the volcano, you'll get to see it up close, hear it roar from distance, watch it expel steam from the lower parts of the mountain and a cloud of ash from the top. This is mother nature at its best! After hiking to the top of the ridge, you'll feel it rumble beneath your feet, you'll hear it roar and every 15-20 minutes or so, it'll erupt and explode with a loud "BOOM", expelling bright red lava lighting up like fireworks in the twilight and a heap of ash after it. There is nothing that can compare to this exhilarating experience!

The volcano is best viewed at dusk, so staying at Tanna overnight is most ideal, you'll be safely returned to Port Vila the next morning.
Mount Yasur, Vanuatu