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Mt. Kilimanjaro

Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,341 ft: the highest Mountain in Africa
We made it to the top of not only the highest mountain on the African continent but the highest free-standing mountain in the world!

The 7-day trek via Lemosho's western route was incredibly scenic and each day you put yourself to the task of moving along in the journey to reach the summit of Uhuru Peak, the ultimate goal. My mantra on the mountain was simply "up" for "Uhuru Peak".

Our team of porters and guides were very important and instrumental to our summit success; we could not thank them enough.

Trek Tip: Hydration backpacks make it convenient to stay constantly hydrated; carry juice in it instead of plain water on summit day. You will want the sugar to fuel your energy which will seem especially depleted on this last stretch of your climb.