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Mt Everest

Mount Everest with Prayer Flags
Going to Mount Everest is an experience that will leave you in awe of how big everything is in the Himalaya. Sleeping at 16,000+ feet is without a doubt a highlight not to be missed when in Tibet. Make sure you are reasonably fit and spend many nights along the way to help acclimatize to the altitude. Bring a hat and gloves, as your fingers will stop working in short order when it's cold.
Mount Everest with prayer flag
Mount Everest is amazing in the early morning, you can watch the sun come up as Everest starts to light up you realize just how big it really is.
Mount Everest with prayer flag Khumjung  Nepal

Most memorable trip
We hiked to Everest Base Camp a couple of years ago. You need to train for this kind of trip. Building strength in your legs and butt. Break your shoes in well and be ready to carry a small backpack. Altitude can get to you very easily. Best asset is a good guide. We used 3 Sisters and they were awesome. I wish I were young enough to do it again.

Khumjung 56000, Nepal