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Mt Agung

Trekking up Gunung Agung at Sunrise
This day was one of the most brutal days of my life. Day 1 we hiked 4 1/2 hours in the heat to base camp. We camped for the night, got up at 1:30am, and hiked for 11 1/2 hours, to the summit and all the way back down again. We could hardly see anything with only our headlamps, and it was windy with sheets of rain. Yet then the winds blew off the clouds and this was what we saw. It was probably the only thing that kept us going all the way back down again.

Full account here: http://aliscottwhatwegetupto.blogspot.ca/2012/07/mt-bastard-trek-day-2.html

Inglorious Gunung Agung
Not all travel adventures are necessarily successful. The night climb of Gunung Agung have probably been one of the most mortifying experiences of my life.

But, no matter how it did go, it was an amazing experience, and I would do it again and again.