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Mount Nevis Hotel

A Wellness Getaway to Mount Nevis Hotel
After hearing about Nevis for the past four years from fellow travel writers and colleagues, I finally decided to explore this small but very vibrant island in the Caribbean myself. During my four-day (and four-night trip), I stayed at the Mount Nevis Hotel, a boutique property a short drive away from two popular beaches: Nisbet and Oualie.

Since my connecting flight from Miami was delayed, I didn't really see the property until the next morning when I woke up to the sounds of birds and expansive views of foliage and, of course, St. Kitts in the distance. I've stayed at a fair share of beach resorts before so I actually liked the fact that Mount Nevis offered a different view and vibe entirely.

As far as my room, it was spacious and inviting. I had two balconies, a full kitchen, a sitting room and a bathroom with all the comforts of my apartment at home. The overhead fan was usually enough for me but I also made use of the in-room air-conditioner in the afternoons when the heat was at its prime. I really enjoyed spending my morning reading on the hammock on the larger of my two balconies.

While the Mount Nevis Hotel doesn't have an on-site spa (very few properties do in Nevis), a massage therapist can come to the property for an in-room treatment. I usually don't splurge on things like these but decided to pamper myself to an 60-minute massage with moisturizing oils.

Another perk the hotel offers is free shuttles to both Nisbet and Oualie beaches. Truthfully, you could walk there too but the shuttle is a quick and pleasant drive if you're not in the mood for a stroll. I suggest visiting both throughout your stay, because there's a different feel to each of Nevis' beaches. Oualie is also where the water taxi station is, should you want to take a day-trip to St. Kitts. It's a short boat ride and very doable.

As far as the food goes, I was really impressed. The banana pancakes offered at breakfast are delicious and the chicken quesadillas on the lunch menu are super flavorful. I didn’t have dinner here any of the nights but I can imagine it’s quite the romantic setting. Fun fact - the hotel has a garden where they grow organic fruits and vegetables—peppers, spinach, zucchini, yellow cucumbers and watermelon to name a few.

Even though I packed my days with soft adventure and cultural excursions, some of the best moments of my trip were simply catching up on work email while sitting by the hotel pool. It was really quiet during my stay, which meant I could literally sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of birds chirping nearby.

Best of all, I found the staff so friendly and warm. Since the property is a boutique, it never felt crowded, which also made it easier to get to know the staff who make the hotel feel like home.
Shaws Road, New Castle, St Kitts & Nevis
+1 869-469-9373