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Mount Emei Scenic Area

Eternally Sore Knees and Wild Monkeys
Climbing 9 hours up stairs in the scenic Emei Shan are brings you past wild monkey preserves and many temples. One of the holiest mountains in Buddhism and by the time you reach the top dragging yourself on a bamboo walking stick you will come to believe in anything divine to keep you going. Leave early int he morning or risk getting stuck at night climbing towards the summit. At night between the frequent rain and screeching monkey it can seem more like a scene out of Jurassic Park than a hike but it makes a memorable hike in any case.
Wild Monkeys and Stairs
Mt. Emei is famous for a painful amount of stairs, monasteries, and the monkey zones. On your way to Mt. Emei you will undoubetdly hear countless horror stories about the overly aggressive monkeys. My only encounter was at the halfway point on the way down and was fairly calm. Simply curious, this monkey stared at me as I took her picture and then kept on walking.
Wild Monkeys and Stairs Leshan  China