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Motu Mahana

Motu Mahana, Making Friends
Inhibitions fade and walls come down when you find yourself in a place where worldly troubles feel long gone—like on Tahiti and its islands. Sometimes, the best thing about going so far away from home is making new friends to share your paradise with. A motu is a privately owned island in French Polynesia, and there are dozens and dozens of them in the Society Islands archipelago. But because they are private, you can’t get there on your own. With Paul Gauguin, Motu Mahana is a certain stop. You might be happy on deck, but these motus feel like paradise on earth, and the fresh coconut water, coconut cocktails, and poisson cru (local sashimi specialty) are all there waiting for you.

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Private Island Paradise
Bury your toes in the pristine white sand of Motu Mahana, Paul Gauguin’s private South Seas paradise near the island of Taha’a. At Motu Mahana, your to-do list should start with relaxing under the palms and letting the warm tropical breezes carry you away. You can also spend the morning working up an appetite by snorkeling with brightly colored sea life, and then emerge from the crystal-clear water to a tropical BBQ spread. Grab some lunch—perhaps a serving of the famous poisson cru—and a cold cocktail before heading to the secluded beach for a picnic, or you can hang out with fellow passengers and listen to local musicians. After lunch you can choose from excursions into the island’s interior, various water sports, or simply soaking up some tropical sun.
Private Island Paradise Uturoa  French Polynesia

'Uturoa 98735, French Polynesia