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Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

The vaccuum at the mosque
Just because the Sultan Hasan Mosque is 600 years old doesn't mean they can't use modern technology to keep it clean.
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Call to Prayer at the Sultan Hassan Mosque
In the soaring hall of the mosque, the sound of the muezzin's call to prayer had an incredible clarity to it.
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A Lone Palm
At the Sultan Hassan Mosque, the afternoon light played shadows off the hanging lanterns.
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Moez Masoud at Sultan Hassan Mosque
Here is Joe introducing Moez Masoud, an iman and founder of Cairo's al Tareeq al Sah Institute. He gave a great talk about the Muslim faith. definitely check out the video on AFARExperiences.com.
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Sultan Hassan Mosque
I traveled to Cairo last month with AFAR Experiences, and we visited the beautiful Sultan Hassan Mosque to meet with Imam Moez Masoud. The mosque, built in the mid-1300s, sits placidly in the midst of buzzing, honking Cairo, a peaceful oasis for those seeking God in the chaos of cell phones and taxis.
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Carpet cleaning at Sultan Hassan Mosque
Spotted in a mosque from the 1300's on a recent AFAR Experiences trip to Cairo.
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A Modern Imam at Sultan Hassan
One of my favorite experiences with Afar in Cairo was a visit to the Sultan Hassan Mosque. We gathered on the red carpeted floor inside the centuries old walls to hear an new kind of imam speak about Islam.

His name is Moez Masoud, and his is a modern, social media enabled, Cambridge-educated perspective on Islam. He spoke informally with us about Islam's core tenants and the link between Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam in perfect English. The knowledge, enthusiasm, and peacefulness with which he spoke were inspiring.

His Islam seems untouched by conflict and cultural practices that still factor prominently in Islam throughout much of the Arab world. This picture seemed to capture the exciting combination of this modern imam and the history and traditions of Islam itself.

For more information about Moez Masoud, you can visit his website at http://moezmasoud.com or follow him on Twitter @moezmasoud.
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Moez Masoud
Meeting imam Moez Masoud was not just a trip highlight but maybe a life highlight. His talk brimmed with intelligence, compassion, and peace, and was as settling as it was enlightening. It's easy to see why he has so many followers.
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Lamps of Sultan Hassan Mosque
I couldn't get enough of the lamps at Sultan Hassan mosque, built in 1357. Hanging in perfectly straight rows, they create a stunning visual effect from every angle.
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Sultan Hassan Mosque
The magnificent and historical Sultan Hassan Mosque! Listening to the Call to Prayer in this mosque was one of the most moving experiences of my trip.
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El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt