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Moreré, Boipeba

Latin America
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Brazilian Paradise on Ilha de Boipeba   Brazil

Brazilian Paradise on Ilha de Boipeba

My family and I just got back from our first trip to Brazil, and we all came back a little bit changed.

We spent our second week staying at the Villa Boipeba on Boipeba island, about a 5 hour drive and 30 minute boat ride (ideally; our boat broke down in the river so it was closer to 1 hour...) from Salvador.

On our third day we decided to venture across the island to Morere, another village. We trekked there in on tractor tracks in our staple Haivaianas. The village was similar to Vehla Boipeba, but with more sand. After relaxing, swimming, and a couple of cervejas, we decided to head back along the more scenic route, the praias (beaches.)

We knew that there was a river that separated the island's coast at some point in the geography, but were not sure where it was. So we walked on, along the beautfiul beach, everyone lost in their own thoughts, until we reached a palm tree field and what we thought was a huge, uncrossable river on the other side. I used my broken portuguese to ask some other tourists if we could cross the river, and they replied that we would have to swim. We turned back and paid to take a tractor back across the island, all a little disappointed that our adventure didn't work out (even though the tractor ride definitely counted as another adventure.)

The next day we approached the river from the other direction, and found our that it was about 8 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep.