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Montmartre Cemetery

The Steps of Montemarte
The panoramic view of the entire city from the steps of Montemarte, the mimes and musicians makes for a super touristy experience but it's charming nonetheless.
Parisian Fog
Winding our way up Montmartre, the Parisian skyline starts to reveal itself through the fog.
Parisian Fog Paris  France

Unusual Paris: Montmartre cemetery
There is something special about this old cemetery. And it's not the tombs of the various personalities buried here (Zola, Truffaut, Stendhal, Degas...). The beauty of this place is created by the silence, its neglected look, the Gothic tombs and the more simple modern ones.

We walked there for hours under the rays of sun filtering through the big trees. We stopped several times, to read engravings, to see the decorations. We loved it.
Unusual Paris: Montmartre cemetery Paris  France