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Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

Take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful coastline of Monterey, CA
The Monterey Bay Coastal trail extends 18 miles from Castroville to Carmel, where the trail is attached to the famous 17 mile drive in Carmel. Whether you want to bike, run, walk or follow it along in a kayak, this paved trail is a great way to see part of the diverse coastline of central California. There are several of rental places for bikes, kayaks and canopied quadricycles found in Monterey and Pacific Grove.

There are dozens of places to walk down to the water to check out tide pools and some areas, like the Asimolar state beach portion, there can be found beaches of white sand.

Your likely to see sea otters, snowy plovers and a variety of shore birds, Canadian geese, seals and sea lions. The trail runs through Cannery Row in Monterey which has a lot of shops, restaurants and the world famous Monterey Aquarium.

Tip: It's likely to be windy, so be sure to wear wind block gear and dress in layers. The weather can range from warm to cool in one day.
Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, Monterey, CA, USA