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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville, Monaco

A Room with a View on the Azamara Journey

Each morning on board the Azamara Journey, a boutique, luxury cruising experience, I would awake to a knock on the door: my room service. But instead of breakfast in bed, I would have my breakfast on my gorgeous balcony, overlooking the view of whatever port city in Tuscany or Provence that we were in for the day.

I really enjoyed Azamara, a more destination-focused company with unique ports each day. And, I especially liked being able to leave my luggage in one place while I got to explore 7 new towns in France and Italy- I found a new favorite way to get a taste of some favorite new places!

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over 5 years ago

The more you get, the more you will want!

This city-state has a land border of 4.4 km! I read this on my way back from Monaco to Nice and my awe and admiration for this beautiful city multiplied. Monte Carlo is BEAUTIFUL - its a city that will keep you and your senses awake... it did that to me! It is such a well constructed city with elevators at every level to take you uphill - and gardens all over, when you decide to walk a bit and the scenes of the sea - the most varied and rich shades of blue against high rises built on mountains, with just the right amount of greens and the rich blue again tinted with white yachts parked in a perfect orderly fashion - The city is royal and fascinating and I still haven't quite gotten over the beauty of the city.
One must see - Jardin Exotique de Monaco. I was skipping it as it has an entry fee but decided to do it anyway. It has a gorgeous collection of succulent plants - cactus's. The main attraction : At the foot of the cliff is a natural underground cave with caverns displaying a rich collection of stalactites and stalagmites. This is a guided tour included in the entry ticket but they speak just French. This garden is definitely worth a visit!
over 5 years ago

Overlooking Monte Carlo

A short drive from the city of Nice, France one can experience living like a royal in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Known for its casinos and prominence, one can feel like he is 'James Bond' even for just a day. Where ferrari's driving by and parked on the streets is a common thing, I would definitely recommend a visit to this gorgeous city.