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Moldovan Villages

Admire Moldova's Ornamental, but Utilitarian Water Wells
The Republic of Moldova is perhaps best known for its impressive wine – something it’s produced for thousands of years – and its former status as one of the 15 Soviet republics.

When we arrived to Moldova, I became quite taken by its gingerbread-like homes in all shades of blue and its intricately-decorated water wells, most of which are still in use in Moldovan villages. In Moldovan, the wells are known as fîntînă.

The wells are a ubiquitous site in the village of Rosu. Some are more basic, with only the requisite equipment and roof overhead, whereas others wear latticework, twisted-iron adornments, even hand-cut metalwork depicting the silhouettes of people, flowers and flourishes.
When admiring their ornamentation, it’s initially possible to forget that the wells chiefly serve a utilitarian purpose, and that many villagers do not have running water in their homes.