Mogao Caves

1,000 Years of Buddhist Art at Your (Guide's) Fingertips
Close to Dunhuang city in Gansu, you will find one of the most important sites for Chinese Buddhism and for Buddhist art in general.

For about a millennium, this place was a crossroads for Buddhists of many traditions, and probably the most important site for the dispersion of the faith throughout China, as the Silk Road has been for so much cultural exchange.

You can visit the site approximately 9-5 every day, and a ticket and guide are required to protect the delicate ancient masterpieces. There are a couple of giant Buddha statues, not as big as Leshan, but still enormous. These are now enclosed in large pagoda-like structures on the face of the cave mountain. For an English-language tour, book ahead at the Mogao tourist center in Dunhuang, where you can also view a short film about the caves and catch a shuttle there and back.
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