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Mist Snack Dessert Bar

Dreamy street food desert
The Orient Center on Buford highway in Atlanta, Georgia now has 101 reasons for you to stop by.
I had never heard of ice cream rolls until i was heading over to Viet tofu for my weekly egg roll indulgence and boy was i in for a treat. I was dissapointed to find my favorite place closed so no egg rolls for me. Following my ever wandering spirit i decided to stop in to a place i had never seen before with a funky modern look called Mist. It turned out to be a brilliant choice, this new location offers pizza cones, poke bowls,detox water, bubble tea served in a light bulb and the fabulous ice cream rolls. Talk about dreamy, the experience begins before you even dip your spoon. With six flavors to choose from including Matcha gaga which is my personal favorite infused with green tea and oreo's, they commence the magic right before your eyes hibachi style. You get the feeling that maybe you died and ended up in Thailand heaven. And i couldn't have asked for more,