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Mission Espada

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Mission Espada Entrance
Mission Espada was the first mission set up in Texas, and dates to the mid 1700's. It remains an active parish today, and an interesting place to visit. Far from a relic, Espada allows visitors to experience its involvement with the local community. You can get a better sense for the history of the missions in San Antonio by joining Park Ranger-guided tours.
Mission Espada Entrance San Antonio Texas United States

Mission Ingenuity
Like the Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Mission San Francisco de la Espada was founded in 1731. It is the southernmost of the San Antonio missions and, in addition to its Spanish Colonial construction of its church, is notable for a preserved segment of the Spanish irrigation system known as the acequia. Part of this irrigation system still furnishes water for the Espada Aqueduct (located across the river from Mission San Juan Capistrano) and Dam, collectively one of the oldest systems in the country. As at San Juan Capistrano, Mission Espada is distinguished by a belfry of triple open arches. Notable is the Moorish design of the door at the entrance to the chapel whose interior, though small in scale, is striking, with a series of rough-hewn wood beams that support its flat ceiling.
Mission Ingenuity San Antonio Texas United States