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Mir-i-Arab Madrasa

Meeting Place in Bhukara
Men always find a place to meet. Depending upon the region of the world, men gather in bars, on street corners, in teahouses, in city parks, at cafes, or elsewhere. There they may have a bite to eat, a drink, play games or just talk. Here in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, the local men like to hang out in a private corner outside the the famous Kosh Medressas, or twin monasteries. I enjoyed watching these men socialize with one another, and I loved that they proudly wore their local skull caps. The skull caps, called tubeteikas, are the national headdress throughout Central Asia. For men, the rounded and slightly pointed caps are usually made of black satin or felt.

2 Eshony Pir Street, Bukhara 705000, Uzbekistan
+998 65 224 22 46