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Essential Apps for a Visual Traveler

Being a graphic designer, I am a visual creature. And as a tech enthusiast, I have an app for everything. Among my rich collection, there is a whole bunch for travels. I fell in love with these traveling apps, which are both useful and beautiful. Hope they will be useful for you as well, no matter where you go.

Lonely Planet Guides

This is a mobile app made by a renowned guide publisher and its main goal is to familiarize you with all the exciting aspects of the city are visiting or just going to visit.
The app does not have many cities, but it is growing. Currently, they have about 120 cities and popular tourist destinations all around the world. The best thing about it is that you can use those beautiful guides offline and explore the city on the go. Moreover, the app offers offline maps, audio phrasebooks, currency converter, hotels and restaurants recommendations, and some off-beat pearls on top of the popular attractions.
The 40 years of experience in travel content shows – the clean interface does not take your attention away from the photos and useful information about places that you can easily bookmark.


Steller is a beautiful tool to create stories using text, photos, and videos you shoot during your trips. It is a great alternative to Instagram. You can share stories you create within the app across all your social networks. You can even send them privately by email, which is great. My parents prefer email and despite all my efforts are not very strong users of their social accounts. Yet they are always excited to discover a photo report from me in their Inbox.
Besides, it is not limited to creating visually pleasing memories of your wanderings. It is also an addictive resource to have fun and pass the time – tips, recipes, DIYs, high-quality photos to browse through. This can be of good help if you have time to kill waiting for your flight or the weather has ruined your plans for mountain hiking and you are confined to a hotel room.

MacFly Pro

I love taking photos during any little trip and it adds a great deal to the impressions and the memories about the places I see.
I move about quite a bit, and I always seek something new to snap, even if I visited a place before. If you are like me in this respect, you probably have faced a problem: not enough space to save new pictures. Photos tend to clutter up any storage with a lightning speed.
Not enough space on the SD in your camera, not enough memory in your phone, your cloud storage is filled up to a point where it is about to rain. Even your laptop drive cannot take a single pic more. To take care of the latter, there is MacFly Pro. It clears away all the junk files and leftovers, boosting free space, clearing your Mac and finding duplicate files. So that you only keep the best photos, getting rid of the redundant ones and freeing some disk space for more impressions.

Visit a City

Visit a city is more of a planning app, plus it also has 1000+ guides by experts and users. With quick access to your maps and plans online and offline, and easy navigation, based on your personal itinerary – you will be at home in any city you visit.
This app is particularly good at suggesting attractions, which is good for an unexpected short stay or if you had a sudden change of plan. All places accompanied by necessary details (such as opening hours) and you can easily add them to your plan (or hand-pick your own attractions).


If you think that there are fun things to do that visit tourist attractions, ancient ruins, and museums – you are absolutely right! BucketListly is a website and an app where engaged community invents things you can do ranging from traveling for the first time in your life to spending two weeks backpacking in Sri Lanka. This gives your travel a flare of a quest. You can make up and fulfill your own adventure list, ticking items off one by one, or you can browse the app for things others have done, for inspiration.