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Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Milan - la bella Italia

The much anticipated trip to Italy is underway and we are now well settled in our apartment in Milano, minutes away from all the main attractions that come to mind when you think of Milan.

The trip across the pond was, you know, air travel, with all the associated indignities.

Take you shoes off, take the computer out, take a picture with the big camera to show it is really a camera, wait in line, delayed flights, lugging suitcases and walking forever to reach your gate. Did I mention sleeping on an airplane?

To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Flying business class helps but somehow the proverbial pea in the stack of mattresses presses against me and I can’t get comfortable, unlike my husband who seem to enjoy everything and has very few complaints. (I am the head of the complaint department sharing this position with my friend Laura. Sorry Val, you are not in:).

But get here we did and of course, it was worth the minor indignities and inconvenience we suffered en route.

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