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Miera iela 10

Have an apple cider at Bars Taka, Riga
Miera Street - known as the Republic of Miera by the trendy arty sorts who frequent it - is a glorious bed of bohemianism in a bit of Riga most tourists won't easily find. But it's worth the hunt, not least for its relaxed and slightly eccentric cafes and bars. Taka is a place for drinking coffee and playing board games during the day - and at night, it's a funky little venue with live bands in the corner of the room and a decent line-up of spirits behind the bar. They include a home made apple cider that's well worth a couple of lats. And when you're done here, you can just move on down the road to the next party.
Recycle glass a new way at Buteljons
At Buteljons, Kristine Menke recycles glass. But she does it by hand, turning wine bottles into all sorts of designer homeware, from glasses and vases to ashtrays and salad bowls. She does it all in the little workshop out the back of her shop, and her designs have become pretty sought after in Riga - she recently teamed up with three different charities to produce fundraising jam jars for them.
It's just another quirky, ecofriendly outpost of the Miera Republic, where the folk are all about learning to live in harmony. I highly recommend it.
Recycle glass a new way at Buteljons Riga  Latvia

Miera iela 10, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1001, Latvia