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Mesquite Sand Dunes

Sand, mesquite and big blue sky
One of the best things Death Valley has to offer is, in my mind, the Mesquite Sand Dunes. For a place that bares this name, it sure feels organic and is full of color.

Visiting them was so worth it as they displayed a wonderful palette of color. If there is one thing I love is a big blue sky and here there is plenty of it. With few tourists around it's the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon. The temperatures are great this time of year - 85F but with a fresh, cool breeze making sure that you do not overheat.

Mesquite bushes are the only flora inhabiting these majestic dunes filling the dry vastness with beautiful shades of green. There is no cell phone reception so enjoyment without interruption is guaranteed.

Beautiful landscape
I love the mesquite trees at the sand dunes in Death Valley. A few of them have dried up giving the area a very interesting and spooky look and feel. I really loved being here.

March is the perfect month to be there. Although it's hot there is a gorgeous breeze that makes the heat a lot easier to take.

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