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Morocco Tours & Excursions / Desert Trips / Merzouga Camel
The sahara desert remains one of the most enigmatic and beautiful places on earth.www.MoroccanDesertTrips.com offers you the opportunity to travel across this landscape on the back of a camel, a method of transport across the sahara that stretches back thousands of years. View stunning scenery, unique rock formations and enjoy a culture strong enough to survive in one of the most extreme environments on the planet.

Overnight Camel trek with www.MoroccanDesertTrips.com is an experience you will never forget and one which we hope will bring something unique to your adventure. Our desert tours offer traditional music and drumming, excellent cuisine and sleeping in the desert beneath a stunning canopy of stars in our traditional nomadic bivouac
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Best Merzouga Camel trekking Over Night Camps In Erg Chebbi dunes With Hakim
I just came back from a camel trek this past weekend with some friends. We made reservations on a whim, and drove to Merzouga the next day. As soon as we pulled up Hakim was walking out to greet us, and his hospitality continued throughout the entire time we were with him.

The main hotel outside of the desert is extremely nice with a pool, patio area, salon, and of course the guest rooms. The guest room beds are really comfortable, the bathroom has a western toilet and shower with hot water, and most importantly everything in clean and relatively new. They all have flat screen televisions too, but why would you come all the way to the desert to spend time watching television anyway?

In the desert the camp is set up in an organized fashion, there are clean western toilets and showers. The tented rooms are warm during the cold desert nights, and the beds are comfortable and clean too. Finally, the food is real Moroccan food cooked the way Moroccans cook at home. You're definitely going to eat well here and in the desert.

Basically this place is awesome and I highly recommend it! And if you like corny jokes and silly stories about talking camels Hakim is definitely your man! Thank all MoroccanDesertTrips.com Team
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ksar merzouga, Merzouga, Morocco
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